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  • Accountant/Bookkeeper


    You'd like to spend less time on your books and more time on your business.

  • Business Planning/Research

    Business Planning/Research

    You're looking to start/grow a business but need help with planning or market research.

  • Design


    You're looking for a new company logo or you'd like to create business cards, flyers, or other printed designs.

  • Funding/Financing


    You have a business idea but need funds to start it. Or you have a business and want to accelerate it.

  • Legal


    You'd like to consult with a lawyer on business law or intellectual property.

  • Marketing/Advertising


    You'd like to get more customers or visibility for your business via social media, search engines, Yelp, or other mediums.

  • Mobile


    You'd like to create a mobile app or make an existing site more mobile-friendly.

  • Sales/Business Development

    Sales/Business Development

    You'd like to increase sales, train your sales team, or develop a new business.

  • Technology/Programming


    You have a technical issue that doesn't involve a website or mobile app.

  • Video, Audio, or Animation

    Video, Audio, or Animation

    You'd like to create a video for your website or social media.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant

    You'd like to have more free time by delegating tasks to a virtual assistant.

  • Website


    You'd like to create a website for your business or update an existing one.

  • Writer/Blogger/Translator


    You'd like to improve the copy on your website or marketing materials.

  • Other


    Anything else: business coaching, HR, insurance, staffing, and more.

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