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Gareth Hughes

President at Caizio, LLC

Irving, TX

Biomedical engineer experienced in obtaining grant funding for small businesses and startups with expertise in nanotechnology .

About Me

I help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses with grants, business and strategic planning, partnership development, intellectual property, and technology transfer.

Business Description

We support the success of entrepreneurs and startups developing medical technologies by providing grant and scientific writing services, regulatory approval guidance, and early-stage product development help.

My Skills
afm biomaterials biomedical engineering biosensors biotechnology business planning business plans cell characterization chemistry commercialization design of experiments drug delivery fluorescence grants intellectual property life sciences lifesciences materials science medical devices mems microfabrication microfluidics microscopy nanofabrication nanomaterials nanoparticles nanotechnology optics photonics physics polymers proposal writing science semiconductors sensors spectroscopy start ups startups strategic planning technology transfer thin films
Profile Questions
  • What do you like most about your profession?

    I work with other entrepreneurs who share a passion for making a difference. I am always working on something new and interesting. Being focused on the medical space, I have the opportunity to help save lives which makes what I do even more fulfilling.

  • Describe a recent client engagement or project.

    I recently helped a client with a federal grant proposal. It was the first time that this entrepreneur had attempted to write and submit a grant. I described the process to the client and provided a thorough review of all the grant documents prior to submission. My client was awarded the grant and is now able to further build the company.

  • What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

    I work with startups developing new medical technologies. To be successful in this field, one needs (1) to have knowledge of the regulatory environment, (2) to be able to manage multidisciplinary teams, and (3) to be patient.

  • Owner at The Glitch & Co

    Location: Texas

    July 2015 — Present

    Our company started in 2015 out of Dallas, Texas. The GLITCH & Co looks at the world through grateful eyes and it is our hope to spread the joy of gratitude well beyond our products. STOP GLITCHIN and be more thankful. Be thankful for food and drinks when others are hungry and thirsty. Be thankful for the gift of shelter, clothing, friends, love and life. Gratitude is a powerful emotion so allow gratitude to take over.

  • Zintro Expert at Zintro Inc

    January 2013 — Present

  • Owner at Caizio

    July 2012 — Present

    I work with medtech and biotech startups in the early stages with patenting, licensing, technology transfer, business and strategic planning, investor presentations, proposal writing, and regulatory issues.

  • President and CEO at Medical Nanotechnologies, Inc.

    December 2010 — Present

  • Director at Heapy Hughes Foundation

    September 2009 — Present

  • Senior Research Scientist at Lynntech, Inc.

    August 2007 — December 2010

  • Vice President, Science & Technology at Xanapath LLC

    2009 — 2010

  • Group Leader, Life Sciences at Zyvex Corporation

    June 2003 — July 2007

  • Director of R&D at Computer Optics Inc.

    July 2000 — June 2003

  • The University of Dallas

    Degree: M.B.A.

    Field of Study: Entrepreneurship

    Activities: Entrepreneurial Association, Prisoner Outreach Program

    Start Date: September 2005

    End Date: May 2008

  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

    Degree: Ph.D.

    Field of Study: Biomedical Engineering

    Activities: Member - American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE), President - Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Student Chapter

    Start Date: September 1994

    End Date: May 1998

  • University of Cincinnati

    Degree: B.S.

    Field of Study: Chemical Engineering

    Activities: Member - American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE), VP of Service- Alpha Phi Omega

    Start Date: September 1989

    End Date: May 1994

  • Nanostructure-Mediated Drug Delivery

    Publication: Nanomedicine


    Date: March 1, 2005

    Nanotechnology is expected to have an impact on all industries including semiconductors, manufacturing, and biotechnology. Tools that provide the capability to characterize and manipulate materials at the nanoscale level further elucidate nanoscale phenomena and equip researchers and developers with the ability to fabricate novel materials and structures. One of the most promising societal impacts of nanotechnology is in the area of nanomedicine. Personalized health care, rational drug design, and targeted drug delivery are some of the benefits of a nanomedicine-based approach to therapy. This review will focus on the development of nanoscale drug delivery mechanisms. Nanostructured drug carriers allow for the delivery of not only small-molecule drugs but also the delivery of nucleic acids and proteins. Delivery of these molecules to specific areas within the body can be achieved, which will reduce systemic side effects and allow for more efficient use of the drug.

  • Realizing Complex Microsystems: A Deterministic Parallel Assembly Approach

    Publication: NSTI Nanotech 2004 Conference


    The push towards miniaturization has created substantial interest in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). To date, most of the developments regarding MEMS technology have relied on monolithic fabrication and integration. The monolithic approach has successfully produced various miniature technologies; however, most of these miniature technologies are essentially discrete devices or, at best, simple systems such as pressure sensors and accelerometers. Truly complex systems, by definition, are a combination of independent but interrelated elements that, in totality, function as a unified entity. Computer-controlled, parallel assembly of micromachined components promises to drive the miniaturization wave by enabling the manufacture of unprecedented complex microsystems. Described in this paper is an approach to parallel assembly of microsystems that uses silicon MEMS components, such as grippers and connectors, integrated with high precision robotic systems. Due to the versatility of the deterministic parallel assembly approach described herein, numerous applications of microsystems are realized including fiber optic components, high frequency devices, portable chemical and biological detection systems, and miniature high performance laboratory and industrial instrumentation. In this paper, we discuss the complex microsystems currently being developed using this state-of-the-art assembly process. We also discuss the use of standard micro/nano positioning equipment to achieve automated assembly of these microsystems.

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Irving, TX. 75063

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