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Dr. John Elcik

The Pragmatic Web Designer at Pragmatic

Fort Myers, FL

I am The Pragmatic Web Designer building affordable websites with attention to key marketing details: brand identity, SEO, and social media.

About Me

I am The Pragmatic Web Designer and a dedicated entrepreneur having started Edulytics, Pragmatic and most recently identityXperts.

With my passion for the application of web technologies to marketing communication issues, I work with small businesses and individuals to produce results that amaze. My specialties include web design, social media, and information management technologies.

My marketing and sales career has included experience with college administration, enterprise software solutions; retail store, consumer credit and restaurant management.

Business Description

Pragmatic specializes in creating timely, practical, and relevant websites. identityXperts is our business identity solution for soloprenuers. Edulytics offers IT consulting services to small colleges and universities.

We provide real-world, tangible benefits. We also work with you, to incorporate social networking, email campaigns and blogging into your marketing mix to generate results that amaze.

My Skills
analytics branding crm information technology marketing product management product marketing project manangement saas social media web design
Profile Questions
  • What do you like most about your profession?

    Variety, variety, variety.... both the projects and the people. I get to exercise creativity and skill within the constraints of a customer's vision.

  • What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

    What would you do?... Provide an answer with supporting details.

  • Describe a recent client engagement or project.

    identityXperts began as an idea in 2013 while co-founder, Pam Elcik, was working for ITT Technical Institute. To solve business identity issues being experienced by her students, she asked her husband, Dr. John Elcik, The Pragmatic Web Designer, to create websites for six skilled trades under the name identityXperts, a Florida tradename for Edulytics, LLC.

    The affordability of our products is largely due to improvements in technology. Even the average user can see that WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform. But there’s much more to it. WordPress possesses a mode called Multisite.

    Multisite is a feature within WordPress that allows us to run a number of different sites from one WordPress installation. All the sites in the “network” share all the same themes and all the same plugins. All the sites also share one database; however, they do have separate tables within the database, and they also each has their own directories for media uploads. With all our sites on one installation, it is easier for us to access the Admin areas of different sites from one main control panel. And this ease of use translates into savings for you.

    Using Multisite and a subscription model for service delivery and pricing identityXperts is able to keep costs low and quality high.

  • What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

    People skills, technical skills, and a good work ethic.

  • What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

    1. Types of services... generalist, specialist (Web Design, eCommerce, Social Media, SEO)
    2. Amount of experience... technical skills, industry background, leadership
    3. The convenience of using the company... hours, location, email, phone
    4. The terms of services... down payment, flexible payment terms

  • How are you different than others in your profession?

    I am different because of the high level of transparency in all my dealings. Whether it is web design, social media or information technology; there are trade secrets which I enjoy sharing. At Pragmatic our motto is, "Yes, We Share the Secrets." Three secrets are shared on each of our websites. Look behind an orange button, "Secrets Revealed." And you can sign up for more. The secrets are always FREE. All three Pragmatic websites are accessible from Look for the "Secrets Revealed" button. It is much easier than finding Waldo. - Dr. John Elcik, The Pragmatic Web Designer.

  • What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

    It is all about the people. And the "professional" influences start at home with a loving family.

  • How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

    I remember that it's not a requirement that we agree, only that we show respect for one another.

  • Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

    The transformation from a marketing guru to a technology geek. It's been fun!

  • What is your philosophy of education?

    I have always believed that schools exist for more than the transfer of knowledge. When in graduate school this meant that I was particularly interested in the ideas of John Dewey. For Dewey, it was important that education should not be the teaching of mere fact; but that the knowledge and skills which students learned be integrated fully into their lives as individual persons and citizens. This practical element—learning by doing—the basis for the philosophical school of Pragmatism, I found useful. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

  • Principal at identityXperts

    January 2014 — Present

    identityXperts provides useful and powerful tools and solutions that can help online and offline companies reach out to more clients, market their products and services, and boost website traffic. Online methods include a blend of brand identity, website design, search engine optimization, and social media services. We also recommend over 100 free online and offline marketing tactics.

  • Principal at Pragmatic Web Designer

    January 2012 — Present

    Pragmatic specializes in creating timely, practical, and relevant websites. We also work with you, to incorporate social networking, email campaigns, and blogging into your marketing mix in order to generate results that amaze.

  • Information Technology Consultant at Edulytics

    January 2003 — December 2016

    For over 12 years Dr. Elcik, the father of "edulytics," has advocated the use of business analytics to meet the information needs of higher education. Edulytics provides consulting services to meet the information technology needs of the very smallest institutions of higher education. Created corporate branding, sales collateral, newsletters and website. Provided software development assistance to two education software companies in New Hampshire: BeaconVision and Blue Ivy Software. Developed industry's first Student Information System to be deployed using software as a service (SaaS). Provided enrollment management consulting to Northwest Lineman College in Idaho.

  • Financial Aid Consultant at Dynamic Campus Solutions

    March 2010 — April 2010

    Dynamic Campus is the premier tailored Managed Services firm dedicated to serving higher education. Provides organizational support for information technology, admissions, financial aid, and registration related technologies. Provided financial aid packaging assistance to Northcentral Technical College in Wisconsin.

  • Product Manager at FAME

    March 2009 — February 2010

    FAME specializes in the processing and management support of Federal financial aid, student loan servicing, and school administrative software. As the cornerstone of FAME’s student management solutions, FAME Advantage tracks students from inquiry to graduation to job placement. Led the Advantage cross-functional management team in providing quality product rollout in a fast-paced environment. Built comprehensive business collaboration site using SharePoint and trained enterprise in its use.

  • Academic Consultant for eLearning at Campus Management Corporation

    January 2004 — May 2008

    Campus Management's software and services unite the administrative and academic enterprise for career colleges. Primary marketing and sales support for entry into the not-for-profit market sector. Accelerated the production of persuasive proposals, RFP responses, presentations, and related documents with the introduction of new software tools. Managed company information assets to strategic advantage using and Microsoft SharePoint. As System Administrator for created twelve Dashboards, 385 custom reports, the development of contract data in and a general reconciliation of customer data with multiple silos of information. Created branded sales materials and custom training programs for deployment of Moodle as an open source e-learning solution. Generated a record number of qualified leads as featured speaker for webinars and workshops on e-learning. Built consultant communications program to foster third party relationships.

  • Implementation Consultant at Agresso Americas

    July 2003 — December 2003

    Agresso is a European company seeking entry into the U.S. higher education market for a student information system built in Canada. Provided implementation, sales support and marketing services. Authored the sales collateral used in making the first two U.S. sales.

  • Consultant at BeaconVision

    January 2003 — July 2003

    BeaconVision served information and knowledge providers, such as publishing, corporate learning, and educational institutions. Provided software development assistance to two education software companies in New Hampshire: BeaconVision and Blue Ivy Software.

  • Associate V.P. of Marketing at Jenzabar

    June 2000 — December 2002

    Jenzabar is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software company with origins providing a web portal to colleges and universities. Led marketing team of eleven professionals in consolidating with four acquired ERP companies: Campus America, CARS, CMDS, and Quodata. Authored successful marketing/business/ communications plans, speeches, newsletters, and technology white papers. Changed a marketing model based on expensive advertising to one focused on public relations. Improved corporate visibility in the education industry by developing and enforcing corporate identity standards.

  • Director of Marketing at CARS Information Systems

    July 1986 — June 2000

    CARS was an ERP software company selling administrative software solutions to colleges and universities. It was acquired by Jenzabar in June 2000. Responsible for key marketing strategies and tactics that helped increase sales 20% or more annually. Developed a promotions strategy for the EDUCAUSE trade show that successfully addressed an ongoing branding issue using die-cast toy cars. Introduced advanced software technology for shortening the time and resources required for responding to requests for complex sales proposals. Restructured training and implementation program increasing revenues 25% and reducing expenses by 50%, while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Ball State University

    Degree: Ed.D.

    Field of Study: Educational Administration & M.A., Executive Development for Public Service

    Activities: Phi Delta Kappa

    Start Date: September 1981

    End Date: May 1984

  • University of Maryland College Park

    Degree: n/a

    Field of Study: Social Foundations of Education

    Start Date: September 1975

    End Date: May 1976

  • University of Maryland Baltimore County

    Degree: B.A.

    Field of Study: American Studies

    Start Date: September 1972

    End Date: May 1974

  • Anne Arundel Community College

    Degree: A.A.

    Field of Study: Secondary Education

    Start Date: September 1971

    End Date: May 1972

  • Glen Burnie Senior High School

    Degree: H.S. Diploma

    Field of Study: College Prep

    Start Date: September 1967

    End Date: May 1970

  • Successful Web Designer

    Authority: LearnWebDevelopment

    Start Date: May 1, 2012

  • Resources for Business Professionals

    Publication: mosaicHUB


    Date: January 1, 2015

    A series of 20 articles addressing the interests of business professionals with a focus on webdesign, social media and information technology. "Google is Dead - Long Live the King" is one of the most recent.

  • Social Media Blog

    Publication: Pragmatic


    Date: January 1, 2012

    Dr. Elcik works with busy clients to incorporate social networking, email campaigns and blogging into their marketing mix in order to generate results that amaze.

  • Web Designer Blog

    Publication: Pragmatic


    Date: January 1, 2012

    Dr. Elcik is The Pragmatic Web Designer. He is passionate about the application of web technologies to marketing communication issues. As the founder of Pragmatic Web Designer he specializes in creating timely, practical, and relevant websites. His sites offer real-world, tangible benefits.

  • Turning Finders Into Keepers

    Publication: Career Education Review

    Date: October 1, 2007

    Career colleges marry their student systems with open-source courseware for seamless e-learning.

  • Tracing Our Roots Blog


    Date: January 1, 2006

    Blood Relatives collects stories regarding the following surnames: Adams, Byrus, DeRosa, Duryea, Elcik, Gamache, Gruhl, Jorgenson, Karkos, Lawler, McClanahan, Passarelli, Skillin, Strand and Wentworth. And others are sure to be added.

  • Edulytics and CampusXperts Blog

    Publication: WordPress Blog


    Date: January 1, 2004

    Dr. Elcik is a technology advocate with experience in education, marketing, and research who is passionate about the application of information technology to administrative and academic issues in higher education.

  • Management Techniques Used in the Recruitment and Retention of College Students as Reported by Directors of Enrollment Management and Directors of Admissions

    Publication: Doctoral Dissertation


    Date: July 9, 1984

Contact Information

15117 Cloverdale Drive
Fort Myers, FL. 33919-8307
Phone: (239) 400-0622

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