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Ruben Carrasco

Owner at Strategic Alliances Profits

Offaly, Ireland


I'm passionate about a consistency superior guaranteed growth performance solutions, to develop Enterprises, Education, Finance sectors.

About Me

He has 27 years of volunteered worked with business leaders and companies in hundreds of industries and markets with consistency intensity of effort to create a consistently superior performance service and guaranteed strategic growth plan over time, by practice the principles of preserve the core and stimulate progresses, from separate core values and fundament purposes, witch should never, ever change and should adapt to any global government that are willing to change from good to great, where guarantee the greatest life to everyone.

Business Description

The benefits through the good degrade the framework to become greatest is by integrate growth from guaranteed performance related to mission with a guaranteed measure of success from that performance and operate both at the same time.

With Discipline Leaders that having the mind to do great and by having the right people to support each project.

Discipline Thoughts, with people that most retain faith with your projects, regardless the difficulties and act the same time with discipline to confront the must brutal facts of the current reality whatever that by might be.

Discipline Actions with a culture of discipline. Discipline people who engage with discipline thoughts and they do discipline actions, operating with freedom, with a framework of responsibilities. People that focus on more than one way to finding action, without no grant programmes needed, without no killer innovation, without lucky breaks, without miracle moments. Leadership the processes with one but guaranteed direction, by building momentum until the point of breakthrough and beyond.

Building the Greatest to Lasting, by clock building and not time telling. Achieving a massive resources of multiple generations of leaders, the exact opposite to build around of one single leader, with great guaranteed ideas or specific programmes, con-stimulate the core and preserve progresses by a fundamental underline do-wellary. With one hand, having a set of timeless core values and core reason for been main constant over a long period of time, on the other hand have a relentless drive for progress and change a creating of compulsion with additional goals. Keeping clear the differences between core values witch never, ever will change and operating strategic with culture practices where will adapt to a changing country and world.

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Offaly, Ireland

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