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IT Outlet

IT Outlet

Technology | 0 Votes

IT Outlet YouTube Pitch Preview

IT Outlet is one of the best e-commerce business which provides best products ranging from networking equipments, storage media, computer systems, computer peripherals to consumer electronics.

Technology | 0 Votes YouTube Pitch Preview

Consumer based internet company that helps seniors with all of their Medigap and Medicare supplement needs



Health and Nutriti... | 0 Votes

EvolvHealth YouTube Pitch Preview

We are in a revolution of H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Evolv) around the world and we're looking for people just like you. CREATING SIMPLE HEALTH... SIMPLE WEALTH.

HomeTown Games LLC

HomeTown Games L...

Consumer Goods/Retail | 0 Votes

HomeTown Games LLC YouTube Pitch Preview

HomeTown Games LLC is defining the next generation of PC gaming technology with its patent pending use of actual video of actual locations as part of a video game. The user is able to enter an address and the game takes place around the entered address.



Communications | 0 Votes

ArtCulturZ YouTube Pitch Preview

ArtCulturZ is an integrated marketing approach with major focus on Branding, Design & Advertising. " We care for consumer perception AND we ensure effective presentation. "

SRG Sharingdard Networking Pvt Ltd

SRG Sharingdard Networking Pvt Ltd YouTube Pitch Preview

It's a First of its Kind 'Emotional Network'. One can Share their True Self Anonymously, Vent Out, Share experiences, Learn from others who had similar experiences. Alexa rank 22,485 in India as on 23rd July. Market potential of 1100 crore



Technology | 1 Vote

Softbinator YouTube Pitch Preview is an online career platform for software developers. Our goal is to create the biggest OPEN collaborative space for professionals: members can discuss, make new friends, work together and compete.

Barrett and Welsh Inc

Barrett and Wels...

Communications | 0 Votes

Barrett and Welsh Inc Vimeo Pitch Preview

We've produced award-winning ideas that change the game for cars, beer, financial services, transit (we may be the world leader in this category), government and packaged goods. The ideas come first. Before corner offices. Even before morning coffee.

Circle A Ranch

Circle A Ranch

Services | 0 Votes

Circle A Ranch YouTube Pitch Preview

Seeking seed capital of $4.5 mill. to purchase 640 acre ranch. Presently seeking crowd funding to start capital producing awareness program. The link below describes our project and use of funds.

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