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Best Productivity Tools to Move Your Business Forward

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Best Productivity Tools to Move Your Business Forward

Spending hours and hours trying to communicate with your co-workers, figuring out how you’re going to handle a project, sharing the plans with team members, getting necessary documents reviewed, shared and signed – doesn’t sound like fun, does it?

Productivity is the PRIORITY!

Then, once again, spending even more hours checking on the team’s progress, asking thousands of questions, possibly overcoming misunderstandings and solving issues in which they resulted with – less and less fun. Without productivity as a priority, both managers and team members are condemned to misery. Productivity is a key to company’s success. It affects profits and job satisfaction of workers.

Instead of wasting their time being pointlessly busy, productive teams work effectively, which leads to such fabulous results as better outcomes, more free time and, simply, nicer atmosphere. But how to win it?

Boost your productivity with the right tools.

With the variety of tools available, you can boost up your company’s productivity. They make it easier for team members to communicate and share information amongst each other. They make it easier for managers to observe how and when tasks are being carried out, to plan and change plans when needed, to assign roles and responsibilities.

Online tools can help you to streamline communication, management and content sharing. It’s especially important in the case of remote teams. Below we list some of the tools that might turn out to be useful in your company. They’re helpful in a wide range of fields, some of them are multifunctional, so we also shortly outline what is each one’s purpose.

  1. HighTail

    File sharing
    With HighTail you can easily spread information among the team. It enables you to share files, folders and sign documents. There’s no limitation to the amount of files you’re allowed to send.

  2. GlassCubes

    File sharing, management
    Extremely useful for leaders of remote teams, GlassTeam’s role is to make collaboration simpler. It allows you to manage team members and monitor their projects. In addition to that, you can also share and sync an array of files.

  3. Dropbox

    File sharing
    DropBox is a free and simple tool designed to make sharing files quick and easy. You can use it to store personal data, such as photos, documents or videos, as well as to share content with others.

  4. Google Drive

    File sharing
    Google Drive is another great tool for file sharing. Simplicity is one of its biggest advantages, yet despite of being so easy to use, Google Drive provides you with lots of options. You can store photographs, projects, videos etc. and share them with your co-workers. In addition to viewing them, team members can also edit files (if allowed to do so), add notes and chat with each other.

  5. Huddle

    Management, file sharing, communication
    Huddle is basically an online office, inside of which members of your team may share information with each other. Streamline collaboration, task management, change management, file sharing – it can help you with quite a number of things.

  6. Asana

    File sharing, organization
    Asana was made to help your team stay focused and well-organized. You can see how the others are doing with their assignments, observe the progress, make to-do lists and communicate with co-workers. With this tool, you can keep all your tasks and projects in one place.

  7. Freedcamp

    File sharing, organization
    Great and free, Freedcamp’s role is to keep you on track. It has several features that come in handy when you need to organize something, such as to-do lists, sticky notes and a calendar. If using the tool with the whole team, you can also exchanges files, messages and lists.

  8. Slack

    You don’t have to be in the same office to communicate with your team, but you do need good communication tools to keep the information flowing. For remote teams it’s essential, but might make the communication faster also in non-remote teams. Slack is basically a chat interface with some extra features. You can discuss with chosen individuals or in groups, divide chats into channels according to subjects and projects they’re related to, share files and write posts.

  9. Streak (for Gmail)

    Email handling, communication, customer relationships
    If you’re using Gmail, you should definitely tune it up with Streak. It’s a customer relationship app, thanks to which you can always keep an order in your inbox. You can use it to group emails from the same senders, make calls, schedule email sending and share selected content from your inbox.

  10. Clari

    Sales management
    Predictive analytics, forecast management, team communication – Clari, together with a sales team, can work on various aspects of sales management. With the use of data science, it helps the team to make forecasts more accurate. Besides, Clari keeps all of your company’s sales-related issues in order. You’ve got activity tracking, account history, deal accelerator and a few other features thanks to which you can manage nearly everything using only one tool.

  11. Hootsuite

    Social media management
    If social media play an important role in your company, Hootsuite might make your life much easier. You can use it to manage many networks from one spot. Schedule posts, analyse results of your efforts, collaborate with team members, engage your audience, listen to their feedback, use over 80 different applications – and do all of that without opening hundreds of websites in your browser.

  12. Proposify

    Proposals, customer relationships, sales
    A cloud-based tool, Proposify supports you during the proposal process. It enables creating interactive, branded proposals which can later on be sent directly to customers. With a variety of lovely templates, you can make the proposals not only clear, but also attractive. Moreover, you can avoid the hassle connected with sending large attachments through emails, then receiving them back, or, which is even more bothersome, sending proposals by traditional mail and waiting for them to be shipped back. With Proposify, your customer can immediately sign the documents electronically.

Ewa Kasiak

Ewa Kasiak

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Business Consulting, Information Technology, Product Development, Project Management

Warsaw, Poland

I work with startup's and established companies from ICT to build, implement and streamline usage of project management frameworks and tools


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