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Finding Your Writer's Voice

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Finding Your Writer's Voice

Most small business owners are not writers but they play one during their working day. Here are some tips to find your writing voice and understand how it can benefit your business.

When it comes to writing for business, some small business owners tend to emulate what they like so much they fail to find their own voice. They think they need to “sound” a certain way to get noticed. That’s our fault – or at least the instant gratification idea that following a formula will eradicate the need for hard work. It’s like trying to lose weight without putting in the effort; it may work for a while but you won’t sustain it.

Finding your writer’s voice is an essential part of branding. It sets the attitude, the tone and defines the personality of your business. Simply, it’s what sets you apart from your competition. Ask yourself why you read certain authors in a genre but not others. Yes, it’s that simple.

To find your writer’s voice, be true to who you are and why you started your business. The things you take for granted are the very things that set you apart from competition. It’s these things that compromise your writing voice. Remember, just because a competitor sounds one way doesn’t mean copying it will work for you.

Often, small business owners overlook their greatest asset: themselves. Not sure where to start; do this:

  1. Ask five friends to write a sentence describing you using an adjective. Compare it to five sentences you've written about yourself.
  2. Study your favorite authors, bloggers or columnists. Make a pro/con list of what you like and don’t like.
  3. Write, write, write. Not for publication but for yourself. Walk away from it. When you go back to it, read it out loud then ask someone to read it and review it. Compare the critiques.

If you find you have multiple writing voices – congratulations! You’re doing it right! If anyone tells you otherwise…walk away. While you’re target audience is similar in nature; they are not identical. To successfully reach all of them, you’re going to need to know how to move them to action (writing) and where to reach them.

Gina Scala

Gina Scala

Owner at Tabula Rasa - White Paper, Red Pen LLC

Team Building, Branding, Copywriting, Social Media

Long Beach,, NJ

It isn’t work if you love what you do and I love what do. Helping small business owners achieve their goals is the best reward ever.


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